Discover Ohio Brew Week in Athens, Ohio: A Celebration of Craft Beer and Community

Discover Ohio Brew Week in Athens, Ohio: A Celebration of Craft Beer and Community

Jun 25, 2024tim martin

Nestled in the heart of Appalachian Ohio, Athens is known for its vibrant arts scene, scenic landscapes, and a deep sense of community. Each summer, this charming college town becomes a haven for craft beer enthusiasts during Ohio Brew Week. This week-long festival, typically held in July, showcases the best of Ohio's burgeoning craft beer scene, drawing brewers and beer lovers from across the state and beyond.

A Festival for Every Beer Lover

Ohio Brew Week is more than just a beer festival; it’s a celebration of the artistry and passion behind craft brewing. Whether you're a casual beer drinker or a serious aficionado, there's something for everyone:

  1. Diverse Beer Selection: With hundreds of beers on tap from breweries all over Ohio, attendees can sample a wide variety of styles. From hoppy IPAs and rich stouts to refreshing lagers and experimental brews, the festival offers a unique opportunity to explore new flavors and discover local favorites.

  2. Meet the Brewers: Many of the brewers themselves attend the festival, providing a unique chance to learn about the brewing process, the inspiration behind each brew, and the stories of the people who make it all happen.

  3. Special Events and Activities: Ohio Brew Week features an array of events, including beer tastings, food pairings, brewing workshops, and competitions. Highlights often include the Homebrew Competition, where amateur brewers showcase their skills, and the ever-popular Brew BQ, a barbecue event paired with local beers.

A Community Celebration

The spirit of Ohio Brew Week extends beyond the beer. It’s a community-wide event that transforms Athens into a bustling hub of activity:

  1. Local Businesses: Bars, restaurants, and shops throughout Athens participate by hosting tap takeovers, special events, and live music. This not only highlights the town's lively atmosphere but also supports local businesses.

  2. Live Music and Entertainment: The festival features a variety of live performances, ranging from local bands to regional acts, adding a festive vibe to the beer sampling experience. Street performances and art installations further enhance the cultural richness of the event.

  3. Family-Friendly Activities: While Ohio Brew Week is primarily about the beer, there are plenty of activities for families and non-drinkers. Outdoor events, local markets, and art shows ensure that everyone can enjoy the festive atmosphere.

Explore Athens

Visiting Athens during Ohio Brew Week is the perfect opportunity to explore this picturesque town. Here are a few must-see attractions:

  1. Ohio University: Stroll through the beautiful campus of Ohio University, with its historic buildings and lush green spaces. The university often hosts events and exhibitions during the festival.

  2. Strouds Run State Park: Just a short drive from downtown Athens, this park offers hiking, boating, and stunning natural scenery. It’s an ideal spot to unwind and enjoy the great outdoors.

  3. Local Eateries and Breweries: Athens is home to a thriving culinary scene. Be sure to check out local favorites like Casa Nueva for farm-to-table dishes, and Jackie O's Brewery for some of the best local brews outside of the festival.

Join the Celebration

Ohio Brew Week in Athens is a unique celebration of craft beer, community, and the creative spirit of Ohio. Whether you're sampling new beers, enjoying live music, or exploring the town, you're sure to create lasting memories. Mark your calendar, gather your friends, and get ready to experience the best of Ohio's craft beer scene in the welcoming embrace of Athens. Cheers!

For more information and updates on the next Ohio Brew Week, visit Ohio Brew Week's official website.

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