Epic Parody SciFi Quotes Mugs


Nothing to do with Ohio, but we have some awesome fan made, epic parody scifi quotes mugs, all in the shape of a very iconic coffee logo that we all love. We made these for ourselves, but we decided to share since they are too great! Each mug holds a hefty 15 oz of caffeinated goodness.

The Details

  • white ceramic 15 oz mugs
  • image is printed on each side of the mug
  • Ahsoka – “This is a new day – A new beginning”
  • Boba – “It’s no good to me decaf”
  • Trooper – “This isn’t the cup you’re looking for… move along, move along”
  • Vader – “The caffeine is strong with this one”
  • Jawa – “A hot cup of jawa… utinni utinni!”
  • C3P0 – “R2 says the chances of waking are 725…to1”
  • First Order Trooper – “TRAITOR!!! Join the first risers”
  • Mando – Manadalorian Caf, best in the parsec
  • IG-11 – If this is decaf, I shall initiate self-destruct
  • Kuiil – Quiet Valley Caf, I have spoken!
  • Baby – Cutest cup in the galaxy. Hey! Spit that out!
  • Chewie – RRRAARRWHHGWWR! Let the Caffeine Win!
  • These mugs are fan made and a parody of iconic pop culture imagery
Epic Parody SciFi Quotes Mugs

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