Ohio Key Hooks / Keychain Now on Sale!

We have spent a lot of time prototyping a new product for you all. We wanted to make something new to take place of the carabiners that most of us use to hold our keys on our belt look or purse or backpack. We wanted it to be stylish, light, and fun. So we came up with the Ohio Key Hook that draws inspiration from our state shape and provides a functional way to hang on to your keys.

We have done a lot of testing in sizes and durability and finishes. We have ended up with 2 types of wood and acrylic for the final designs. We are exploring more options for the future, but we are sure you will love what we came up with!

Cherry wood Ohio Key Hooks are on sale now! They will ship the week of June 8th.

Walnut, charcoal acrylic, and opaque green will be listed very soon!

Thanks and enjoy! Show off your OHIO HOME pride with our Ohio Key Hooks! 

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